Which silent 55xx card?

Hello, Overclockers are doing these 2 cards for the same price right now and I am looking for a silent card but require no gaming from them.

HIS ATI Radeon HD 5550 512MB GDDR5 SILENT PCI-Express Graphics Card (H555HB512) Core: 550MHz, Memory: 512MB 3800MHz GDDR5, Stream Processors: 320, DirectX 11 Support, ATI CrossFireX Ready, ATI Stream, ATI Avivo HD, 2 Year Warranty.


HIS ATI Radeon HD 5570 1024MB GDDR3 SILENT PCI-Express Graphics Card (H557HO1G) Core: 650MHz, Memory: 1024MB 1000MHz GDDR3, Stream Processors: 400, DirectX 11 Support, ATI CrossFireX Ready, ATI Stream, ATI Avivo HD, 2 Year Warranty.

Is the GDDR5on the 5550 worth more than the increased clock speed and 1GB RAM on the 5570?

Thanks in advance
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  1. If you aren't gaming I think either card would work fine. If you were gaming I would go for the higher clock speeds and RAM (whether it be GDDR3 or GDDR5). It's really up to you because these cards are the same price and they aren't going to pushed to their limits so these specs don't really make any difference.
  2. If you aren't gaming, either card will suffice.

    Personally I would go with the 5550.
  3. ct1615 said:
    you can find a passive ATI 4350 for around $35 with HDMI out. it will easily play back DVDs, HDvideo, streaming movies, etc.,


    The heatsink on that card is massive... Would only buy if I didn't mind blocking off my next PCI slot.
  4. No gaming? Might as well go for the HD5450:

    Should be about $ 20-30 cheaper. ;)
  5. Thanks for all the help.

    Even though I won't be using it for gaming (I have a 360 for that), I probably will be using some 3D aspects of the card. So I think I will go for the quicker RAM of the 5550. I currently have a AMD 955x4, ASUS M4A88 with builtin 4250 which is taking up some RAM and want to see some good improvements on google earth etc. without spending the earth.

  6. i guess these benchmarks might help you.

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