5850 card in an antec 900 case?

Hi there, wasn't too sure where to put this, I think this is the right section for it >>

Anyway, I have a 4870 card in my case at the moment, and I was thinking of upgrading to the 5850, but I'm really not too sure if this thing will fit =x Would I have to get another case?

For anyone who knows, would it fit in the case, and if it does, is it cramped, or is there still some breathing room?
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  1. Ok, I did some looking around and it says that the 4870 is about 9.5", and the 5850 is about 10.5? I'm really not too sure if It'll fit >> It does seem a bit strange if it won't, since the 900 case is a fair size.
  2. It will fit!
  3. Awesome, thanks! ^_^
  4. A 5850 fits with room to spare in the much smaller Antec 300 ( I have it in there right now), so it will definitely fit in the 900.
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