Gaming Computer build 600~

So i guess im building a computer for $600 after rebates. this is my build currently

Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition + mobo $210 -20 mir = 190

HIS 6870 $225 -20mir = $205

4gb ram $42

1tb spinpoint f3 $60

600w power supply $58 -20 mir = $38

V4 Black Edition $42 -10 mir = $32

some cheap dvd burner 16 bucks

All this equals out to $650 after tax before mail in rebates and $600 after rebate tell me what you think guys? this is the best I could come up with >.<
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  1. I would upgrade your hard drive if your going to be gamming with this machine

    As for the power supply, OCZ has been having issue from what ihave heard. For a little more money the reliabilety and warrenty are worth every penny.

    The rest looks good. Ram upgrade could help gamming slithly but what you have will work as well. but if you want look at the OCZ ram.
  2. The Spinpoint F3 should be fine for gaming. It is pretty much the standard drive everyone uses now in their budget gaming rigs. His mobo doesn't even look like it supports SATA 6GB.

    The StealthXStream 2 did very well in this review from HardwareSecrets, I don't know about the original StealthXStream listed though.

    Newegg has some deals on Quality PSUs right now. You can get a 650 Earthwatts for <$50 after rebate.
    Antec Earthwatts 650 - $63 after code DECAN10 - $48AR
  3. I noticed on tiger direct for the WD Black it stated the max transfer rate is 126.

    I just bought a 1TB spinpoint F3 and it easily hits 150 max. The point is that either will be good for his system. I would choose the spinpoint.
  4. from my reaserch the bigger the cache on your hard drive the better it is for gamming. I went more cche and have no issues. As for mobo not soporting sata 6gb of ram. Board is fine.
    As for the Power supply there are 2 opinions. go cheap and take a chance or spend more for reliabilety and a great warrenty to back it up. I built a system for a freinds brother. money was the issue. save 25$ on his Power supply and 3 moths later it shorted out and took Mobo and Video card with it. now it just cost him 500$ to get new parts for it. You ask him is 25$ cheaper was worth it
  5. there is a third way on PSUs: Go for reliable and on sale.

    Right now the Xigmatek PC402 that got got a very good review here on Tom's back in October, is only $34.99.

    The Antec 380 is 44.99
  6. twistter, there are other good power supplies outside of Corsair. Just check the review of that StealthXStream 2 I posted above. It basically could have been rated as 80 Bronze and also reached about a 700 watt max in their overdraw test. While that isn't recommended use it more than reaches the advertised 600 and also at a very good efficiency.

    As long as you do your homework you can find plenty of quality PSUs without paying big $$ or only staying with one brand.
  7. The OCZ PSU the OP listed wasn't the StealthXStream 2. I would not buy one. The 650 Antec Earthwatts that maawdawg listed would be a much safer choice, and the price on it right now is great.
    If you don't care about Crossfire, this mobo for $75 would be nice:
    Add a 955BE for $145:
    I didn't look for combo deals. I didn't readily see the one you were using, but I did see that the MSI board was using an older chipset. The one I linked includes USB 3.0, making it slightly more future-resistant.
  8. Yeah, he had the original StealthXStream in the OP, which is older/cheaper. I linked the StealthXStream 2 in my first reply as one he could go with through microcenter.

    Given the current options I would go with the Earthwatts 650 right now as well. I agree about the mobo, the ASRock 770 Extreme3 is another good option in the $75 range as well.
  9. See the thing is guys I get that motherboard for 30 after rebate (microcenter deal paper thing) I could also go with a free mobo do u guys think its worth it doesn't have much but free is nice. Also I was wondering I saw a deal where I can get a 5870 for the same price as the 6870 (actually a lil less) think I should go that route or 470gtx? I def will change out that psu thanks guys thanks for your comments :)
  10. A HD5870 is stronger than a HD6870; if the price is the same, since you'll be covered for power, get the HD5870 unless you need some feature the HD6870 provides.. I wouldn't buy a GTX470 unless I absolutely needed CUDA / PhysX, as it runs hot and sucks power.
    A free mobo sounds nice, unless it's really obsolete, like limited to 1000MT/s or some such like the 6150 boards.
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