3D movies with ps3?! with nividia

So i know that in order to see games and movies in 3D the pc monitor has to be hook via DVI to DVI and i dont wanna spend $2k 3K on a 3D tv, so what if i use a DVI to HDMI cable with the ps3 to watch 3D movies would it work?
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  1. using a ps3 or ANY 3d capable device you still need a 3d tv or monitor for it to display properly.

    shorter answer? NO
  2. i should of explained that i already have all the 3D components i need like a Asus 3D monitor.... so ill ask with better wording, would a Asus 3D READY 120hz pc monitor work with a ps3 if i use a HDMI to DVI cable?! ( already have 3d vision etc etc)
  3. You are mixing 2 3D standard implemented in the industry. One is Nvidia (DVI) and the other that is common to HDTV that use HDMI 1.4.

    PS3 3D playback use HDMI 1.4

    Try it see if it works. You already have the hardware. It may not work due to different software protocol to handle the 2 set of image for left/right eye. There is nothing to lose in trying.
  4. leon2006 said:

    good info and the update is already out, too bad i dont have a 3D ready tv.... :/ just a 47" 120hz lcd
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