Does side panel fans cool the graphics cards well?

initially I wanted to buy the Lian-li PC-P50wb case,
but after doing some reviews on the cooler master cases,I decided to go for
Cooler Master HAF X or
Cooler Master ATCS 840

I like everything about ATCS 840 one review said the HAF X side panel fan can greatly cool off the graphics card,
the ATCS 840 side panel even does not have slots to allow ideal ventilation,this is is my only worries.

Can side panel fan really cool graphics cards off? I am going to buy gtx570 and maybe sli two graphics cards in the future so I really cares about it.(I want to build a quiet setup)

the ATCS 840 comes with a external air conductor,does that work well? as good as the side panel fan?

Thank you for any reply
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  1. hey man,
    if you are building a performance and a gaming pc, please don't expect it to be quite.
    if you'll be using a sli both the card when on full load will make much a noise.
    to cool the system to the best use the following

    all fans should be 120MM
    1 intake fan where hdd are placed.
    1 outlet fan at the back panel
    1 outlet fan at the top of the cabinet from the inside if supported.

    that will cool the system down significantly
  2. I dont need it to be quiet like dead..

    I just need it to be quiet to some degree..
  3. side fans dont cool the card directly they just help get cool air into the case near the gfx card intake fan.
    the higher the cfm the noisier it will get as a general rule so its worth getting a fan controller and variable speed fans, so you can turn them all down when your not gaming...
    nearly every pc i have had sounded like a dust devil (hand vacuum cleaner) when going at full tilt. but with the fan controller they could be whisper quiet when i needed them to be.
  4. A side panel intake fan will provide some additional cooling 1-3C usually.
    You're better off adding another fan on the back of the hdd cage.
    Works well in my 902 3C gpu temp decrease and is also an option with the HAF X.
    Number 5 fan placement option.
  5. ive found side panel fans actually increase temps because they screw with the case airflow. your best bet would be to test out each configuration.
  6. how is the external air conductor??anyone has experience on it?
  7. they havent been used for a while in any case i have had. my old ibm had 1 it just directed air to the hsf and not very effectively.
    i would go for high cfm variable speed case fans over directed airflow conductors as they help keep the entire case cool rather than specific parts.
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