Need H-RS880-uATX MB user information

Pavilion Elite HPE-110f Desktop PC

Front panel connector pin layout in a grid format needed or wire harness layout needed for new motherboard.

Which are IDE LED, Panel LED, Power Switch, Reset (if applicable) and Speaker pins for H-RS880-uATX? :)
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  1. As I came back to look at this link I realized HP does not let you get there directly from that link, it was an Australian-English language site, but you can get to it by typing in the model name at that link and motherboard in your question after picking the language. sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Yes, I answered my own way by following the wires to their sources and buying the micro-wire terminals to attach to the power, HDD LED, power LED, etc. In short, due to no compatible harnesses being out there. I manually put two wires in the adapters to attach to the motherboard with a two wire header. Instead of an 8 socket harness, I used 3 of the 2-socket harnesses with a motherboard header for attachment.
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