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Trying to update my motherboards BIOS? Not sure how to.

Hi i have a asus ramapge 3 extreme motherboard , and im trying to update the bios on it. my bios is on 0704 chipset tylersburg bios type ami size 2048 k if any of thats needed. thanks, im trying to fix this asap please ask any questions if need thank you
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    Put your new bios labeled in this format xxx.bin on a flash drive, download it from Use ASUS EZ Flash by pressing or holding a key on startup...see your Manuel for which key. select the usb drive for the bios update. wait.... then done.
  2. can you help me on what file and all that im new at this and have no clue on were to start , i have the asusupdate but that doesnt seem to work for some reason for me, and ive read and people on here told me that there is diff motherboards of the same motherboard and all that so im a bit confused and i dont want to mess anything up. thank you
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