New build, won't post, no beeps

This is the third build I've done and it just doesn't work.

I am using an old case.

OCZ 400W power supply
AMD ATHLON II X2 with heat sink

After get it all put together and nothing happening when turned on, I stripped it back down to just the PSU, board, processor, 1 stick of ram, and a speaker.

I am not sure about the speaker, it is from a really old case, but I tested it and I can get music from another system to play through it, but it doesn't beep at all on this build. I tried removing the ram and turning it on just to hear the beeps, and nothing.

The light on the board comes on. but nothing else happens. no fans spin. no beeping. nothing on the monitor.

I went through the checklist here and can't find the problem, but maybe its beeping and the speaker isn't working right. Where it shows to plug it into the board has 2 contacts and dead space and then another contact, but the plug has a contact, 2 dead spaces and then a contact.

Hopefully this makes sense, I'm not sure I am using the right terminology for this.
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  1. The motherboard seems to be DOA or dead. If it doesn't post and it's a new boad, it is likely to be the mobo. Try to remove the memory to see what will hapens. If you got a post or a video, you will know that the mobo works...

    But I am pretty sure that your mobo is dead. Even a bad power supply when powered on will work.
  2. Learned a lesson: no matter how much your kid wants the new computer, building after midnight on a long day isn't a good idea.

    I had plugged a 6+2 into the 4+4 power connection. It fit, but it didn't work.

    This power supply only has 1 4x4, so I plugged that in and it works. I don't have a use for the 6+2, should I re-wire it into a 4x4 or just leave the other 4x4 empty?
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