Best price/value VGA cooling

going to build a sandy bridge build as quiet as possible

picked up the Noctua Dh-14

I wonder what is the best solution to cool off your graphics cards,

water cooling: too expensive for me

PCI slot cooler:they are cheap,good reviews on newegg,but are they really good?

VGA cooler: they seem to be effective but I think there are a lot of compability issues.

I am going to buy EVGA GTX570 hd,which is a little shorter than the normal 570,maybe sli in the future.

the computer case is Cooler Master ATCS 840..

I am welcome to product recommendation.
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  1. pci slot coolers are a joke at best m8, they are pretty much near useless, unless you have a case with no fans or space to fit 1.

    i have an arctic cool 5870 xtreme and it works really well is whisper quiet even at 100 percent (it really is quieter than my antec tri cool fans @ minimum that came with the case).
    the 1s that go on the nvidia cards have had mixed reviews though, some claim they are noisy while others are well pleased with em.
    if its a non refrence pcb you may have problems finding a 3rd party cooler at all though...
  2. I found the Zalman VF3000F VGA cooler for GTX570,is that good?
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