Planning a Sandy Bridge build

Any Sandy Bridge experts out there? I guess a lot will be revealed in January.

My main question is how the onboard "HD Graphics 200" GPU will affect my build... Should I plan on buying graphics cards as usual? Will this onboard GPU be at all useful if I have my own cards? Should I disregard it? I'm interested in the i7 2600k because it's reportedly quad core 3.4ghz for $317 or so. Not because of the wimpy (I assume?) onboard GPU.
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  1. If you are planning on gaming at all, the integrated GPU wont affect you at all, you should still get a discrete card.

    Before planning to make a sandy bridge build i would wait to see how they fare when they come out, if you are near a microcenter you can pick up an i7 950 for pretty cheap, and that will likely be more powerful than sandy bridge as the LGA 1366 platform isnt due to be replaced for a while yet.
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