RAM upgrade 10700 to 8500?

Hello, I'm trying to upgrade my laptop's ram from 4gb to 8gb. Currently, my laptop has
4gb of DDR3 (667MHz) 10700 in dual channel. I want to buy this:
Will it be compatible with my laptop?
Will I see any real world speed difference from the speed downgrade?
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    link is broken for me, but as long as its ddr3, and labtop ram, there should be no problem, and no there is no real difference that you will notice
  2. You're right, seems like the link is broken. The ram module is basically:
    Kingston 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3-1066MHz PC3-8500 Laptop Memory

    My instincts tell me that it should work but getting it wrong from an online store is a huge hassle that I'd rather avoid =P thx nna2
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