Averatec all in how i can remove the graphic video card

How i can remove the graphic video card in one averatec all in one pc.
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  1. You can't.(oops this ended up being a serious answer too)

    Now for a serious answer.

    You're not going to want to.(If there is a way you better be a genius)

    For a detailed answer.

    I know nothing about those personally but it basically looks like a LCD monitor connected on top of a laptop. I'm guessing that it is not using a full size GPU and if you're lucky it's using a standardized laptop GPU (haha riiight a standard for them).

    Honestly looking at it with 1-2 GB of RAM and an Intel Atom.....

    "Intel announces its latest Intel Atom processor, integrating a memory controller and graphics into the CPU, reducing power while increasing performance in smaller systems."

    Sorry buddy/chica you don't have a Graphics card and that's you're problem, you have a computer that is around the equivalent to a monitor hooked up to a cell phone.

    If you wanted more power it may be possible to upgrade the Atom processor but if you're trying to say 3D game on this then you'd have better luck running your car on compost.(Please don't take offense trying to be funny and not overly sarcastic and not mean).
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