Very high CPU usage

I tried searching for similar thread, found couple of them which didnt help at all.

So the deal is; i did my spring cleaning of my computer, cleaned all the dust from the components, freshly formatted and installed fresh OS.
So the problem is the high CPU usage which i didnt have before, I cant open multiple programs at once, cause it will lag as hell ( even the stuff im writing right now takes a while to actually show up). I cant watch videos on youtube, cause FPS gets really low, and the CPU usage just bursts to 100% instantly

I tried reinstalling OS more that 3x, didnt help at all, got latest drivers, tried flashing bios, and nothing, its obviously hardware issue.
I tried cleaning the heatsink and that didnt help as well. And now im running out of ideas


here are my spec (old pc thought):

Intel pentium 4 (3000mhz)
1gb of ram (2x 512mb)
ATI radeon 9550 128mb
ASrock p4v88 motherboard
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  1. open task manager and keep an eye on what is forcing 100 percent cpu usage. its most likely to be your antivirus.
  2. its not antivirus cuz i havent installed one yet, right now chrome (my default webbrowser) is pumping 100%, pretty much, whatever i open, takes a while to open and then pumps up to 100%
    its definetly hardware issue
  3. Use IE then.
  4. even worse
  5. I forgot to mention, i also tried running windows xp in safe mode, and it was still very slow
  6. Time for a new cpu then.That pentium is ancient.Modern websites are quite resource hungry and needs a dual core cpu to work smoothly.
  7. sounds like your asking to much from your setup. your not trying to run windows or vista ultimate are you?
    if so then you have a real problem. they both need 1.25+ gigs just to boot
    even the basic versions need 800mb to boot.
    xp sp3 on the other hand needs between 256mb and 500mb to run.
    so switch back to xp pronto m8 or your gonna be running your applications off your hdd page file and that means sllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy.....
  8. i mentioned in my previous post that i use Windows xp

    i tried with ubuntu, and even windows 7,and its still slooooooooooooooooooooooooow
  9. also forgot to mention, that the startup beeps had changed
    instead of 3 short and 1 long i now only have 1 long beep

    and when tried to install win7 (which i've done before and it ran fairly smoothly) i got blue screen and STOP 0x000000 0x000003 ... (random letters) error, which is supposed to be hard drive error

    is it possible that the high CPU usage can be caused by hard drive failure?
  10. unlikely, more likely the other way round...
    it could be a hdd error causing 100 percent usage...
    run chkdsk to make sure.
    hmm 1 long and 3 short means a memory problem. if its an ami bios.
    swap out 1 stick at a time and see if the errors persist...
  11. just ran chkdsk, didnt get any errors

    and now ill try and swap every combination and see if its memory problem
  12. hmm im back

    i took one stick out, and left one in, tried to turn on the PC and it didnt start, and it beeped 3x, long

    then i swaped, and took the "broken" one out, and it started up just fine, but its still causing high CPU usage
  13. im back again!:D

    tried every combo with ram sticks, nothing works whatsoever

    then i took out heatsink, completely took i apart, cleaned each part thoroughly and it helped A BIT!.

    Now im facing CPU 100% when trying to watch videos on youtube, or even downloaded .avi files, and playing games, the fps just drascitly lowers and cpu raises

    I didnt apply thermal paste, could that do much difference?
  14. Quote:
    its not antivirus cuz i havent installed one yet, right now chrome (my default webbrowser) is pumping 100%, pretty much, whatever i open, takes a while to open and then pumps up to 100%
    its definetly hardware issue

    I think ya missed his point. While an antivirus whose subscription term has expired is one of the common culprits, the answer to your problem still lies in running Task Manager. Open TM and click on the column header CPU twice, this will rank the processes running with the one using the most CPU time 1st.

    Using the culprit at the top of the list as the "process name", run a Yahoo / Google search on "CPU Usage [process name]" and you'll likely find an explanation.

    As for checking memory, run memtest
  15. hmm when doing nothing System idle process is at 100%, but from various searching on google and forums, thats i assume that, this is how its supposed to be, when viewing videos lets say via youtube, then my browser gets CPUs full attention
  16. lol no m8 open task manager (press crtl+alt+del) select processes and you will see there is a dedicated cpu idle which should read 90-99 percent when your not doing anything at all (u can give the pc its 10 percent as it will often have timed tasks)
    but basicaly your system should be 99 percent idle if its not being used. even a p4.
    do as i and above have already said. open takmanger, show all processes there should be around 45 if theres no av installed. 1 of them will be showing 100 percent usage ... you then open ie or ff and google that process name and 100 percent cpu usage.

    ie "spooler + 100% cpu usage" after a long wait you should see a list of 10 replies. chose 1 or more till you get the answer...
    or better still post it here.
  17. all that will do is hide the problem rather than fix it... he needs to find whats causing the 100 percent usage and fix it.
  18. i doubt that its software related, cause i tried today with Fedora and now im back in windows xp.
    i did download a computer fan monitor, and these are the readings

    ithe pc's been turned on for only 10 minutes or so
  19. 71 is not good if thats your idle temp. go in to bios and load failsafe defauts.
    then run speed fan again.
    if theres no change then you need to look at the cpu and clean the old paste off and replace it.
    use what ever thermal paste you can get your hands on. clean the cpu and base of the hsf and refit it.
  20. ahhh thermal paste fixed it!

    after 4 days of slow googling and massive research that little tube of paste fixed it

    now just gotto save money for a new pc:D
  21. cool. congrats on having the patience to see your problem through to a solution.
  22. lol get over yourself the guy has fixed it.
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