I7 2600k video editing build less than $2000

pls do help me this is my first time..
this rig will be used for about 90%video editing 10%gaming..
ill be editing most of the time SD and HDV formats coming from mini-dv tapes..
my software will be ADOBE CS5..
pls tell me if there's anything wrong and try to suggest for a better alternative..
my budget is not that big because here in the philippines the prices of computer parts are high..so can u suggest a cheaper parts but reliable in terms of video editing.. TIA..

processor IntelCore i7-2600K-unlocked multiplier 3.2ghz
(i chose this because i think its more futureproof for a beginner like me)

mobo MSI P67A-GD55
(this have OC genie II can i rely on that button?i have no idea in OCing
so is this a big help for a newbie like me?)

memory Gskills Ripjaws-X F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL(x2) 1600mhz = 16GB
(can i switch for a cheaper 1333mhz same number of sticks?or
1600mhz is really needed for this build?)

storage 1.0 TB Hitachi 7200rpm (backup files)
500gb WD 7200rpm (os & prog)
500gb Hitachi 7200rpm (x2 raid0 for projects,media caches)
500gb Hitachi 7200rpm (x2 raid0 for previews, exports)
(is my partitions good?raid 0 or not necessary to raid to save money?)

gpu Palit GTX460 Sonic OC 1gb ddr5
(as i googled i find this brand the best of the 460series,someone have
tried this before?and i dont need sli in video editing)

psu Coolermaster 750w gx series
(is this enough?i just guessing wat PSU fits my budget..)

casing NZXT Phantom White Full Tower
(if i want to upgrade in the future there is a lot of room for drives..)

dvd Samsung 24x SH-S243N Sata LS

cpu fan Corsair H50 water cooling
(is this enough?or need to change it?)

memory fan Gskill Turbulence II Memory Cooler
(necessary or not?)

card reader 3.5”Internal flash card reader
(needed for my clients)

thanks to all that will help me..
im really confused of what to choose since i don't know what is good for this and that..
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  1. Where do you plan to buy these parts?

    Newegg, microcenter?

    CS5 works way better with a higher level GPU like a 470 (no sli)

    You will not need the memory coolers. If you overclock your system please keep it low. You need to make sure your machine is 100% stable. I suggest getting a good battery backup(900+va). I also suggest a external HDD backup(2tb).

    I don't suggest the raid setup. I have separate HDD for my different storage. I use a SSD for boot a 500GB for applications and (2) 1TB Samsung f3s for my data.
  2. CPU 2600k $250 http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0354588
    P67 Motherboard = $160
    5 x 500GB WD HDD = $40(x5) = $200 ---(I think you should just get 1TB HDD instead.)
    1TB Samsung F3 = $60 -(I think you should get 3 of these instead of the extra 4 500GB)
    16gb Corsair = $160 ---(you wont see much use after 10gb)
    3.5" card reader = $25
    Blu-ray writer = $100 --(nice little upgrade)
    GTX470 1.2gb = $200 ---(works perfectly with CS5(the 285 does too))
    ANTEC 750w = $100 ---(This will be plenty(80+))
    Hyper 212+ = $35
    Case = $140

    Total = $1430

    All were found on newegg and microcenter
  3. tnx for ur reply christiangordon..this parts are only the available ones in my country..im from philippines.. the prices in newegg is cheaper compared here..i dont plant to ship coz its out of my budget really..

    and also no asus p67 motherboard here are the available boards(converted to usd)
    *Gigabyte P67A-UD3P-B3 Xfire/S/L/ddr = $226.74 ($134.99 in newegg)

    MSI P67A-GD55 = $197.68 ($164.99 in newegg)

    *MSI P67A-C45-B3 S/L/ddr3/hdmi/usb3 = $181.40 (not in newegg anymore)

    *MSI P67A-GD65-B3 X-fire/SLI/S/L/hd = $226.74 ($179.99 in newegg) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130574

    now u know the big difference when it comes to prices here..i hope now you understand my situation of trying to build up a decent video editing rig...

    can't i buy the gtx 460? coz its much cheaper than the 470..ill do the "hack thing" to make it recognized by adobe..

    is there other cpu cooler? no cm hyper 212plus available here..pls do suggest

    "16gb Corsair = $160 ---(you wont see much use after 10gb)" <--why? coz ill be opening ppro,ae and photoshop.. so lessing it up to 8gb dual channel?
  4. i will not do the extreme overclocking..i'll just push that oc genie button to make it 4.2ghz..can i trust that? is that stable?

    ok no raid configurations as you suggested..tnx
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