HTPC System Please Rate/Suggest Changes

I have just finished mapping out a HTPC/Very Light Gaming rig for a friend, just looking for rates/suggested changes.
CPU: AMD Athlon x4 645 $110
Motherboard: ASRock 880GMH-LE USB3 $80
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD5750 $125
Hard Drive 2TB Western Digital Green $100
OS Windows 7 Professional x32 $140
PSU: Amacrox Freestyle 550watt (I already own this PSU from an old system, which i am upgrading) $0
Case: Lan Cool K58 $90
RAM: 2GB G.skill Ripjwas DDR3 $60
Optical Drive Samsung Blu-Ray Combo 12x $80

Total: $785
Also i am on a reasonably tight budget so not much more than the price of what i have here.
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  1. ^Your bundled motherboard uses DDR2 and can't use the DDR3 you've listed.

    Edit- good build otherwise though :)
  2. Crap! Good catch... How about this one (SATA6 and USB 3.0)?

    Phenom X4 945 + ASUS M4A88TD-V => $233
  3. yeah it isnt a bad idea to get 4gb ram and a x64 os but i need the profession for the remote desktop which i can use to control the computer from my iPhone.
    I will look into the mobo/cpu changes, they look like a good idea, although i would like to stay with an ASRock board because of the fast charge for the iPhone and instant boot functions it has.

    Also rwpritchett, have a look here this says that the board uses ddr3
  4. alsow will a sata3 hdd work in a sata2 board or are they different connector types
  5. My DDR2 comment was directed towards sadams mobo bundle, not your Asrock... my apologies for the misunderstanding.

    Yes, SATA3 is backwards compatible with SATA2.
  6. right that for that, also does using a sata3 hdd have any performance bonus' when connected by a sata2 connector over say a sata2 drive with that same specs, rpm's, cache and size etc?
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