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DirectX 11 compatable?

This past tuesday i decided out of the blue with absolutely no computer knowledge whatsoever that i wanted to build a computer. So a day straight of researching and hundreds of tabs later I purchased a (hopefully) pretty sweet compilation of components the next day. Three days later i wish i would have researched parts a little bit more. But my question is about my Radeon HD 6870 GPU. Just today i realized that on Newegg it's listed as DirectX 10.1. However on the Diamond website it says DirectX 11 support. So i'm curious as to whether support means something less it seems. Also if this "6870" means that it's part of the new ATI 6000 series or not? I thought that was coming out in Nov.

So here are both links:

Thanks to all for your help!
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    Newegg has a typo on their site.

    The HD 5xxx and 6xxx series are DX11 cards.
  2. Ok awesome thanks. And then is the 6870 part of ATI's new GPU lineup?
  3. Yeah, the 6870 and 6850 were released recently, the rest of the line up is due out in november, they were just the first two to arrive.
  4. Gotcha. Very nice to know Thanks
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