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I built my computer in 2007 for around $1300. It has worked perfectly until just recently.
My computer started shutting itself off randomly, every once in a blue moon (maybe once every 2 or 3 months).
Someone said it was my power supply, so I got a brand new 1000W.

I upgraded to windows 7, a clean install on a brand new SSD and added 4GB of RAM. I also upgraded to Photoshop CS5 from CS3.

Right after, I started getting random blue screens of death, probably 6 or 7 total in the 2 months after.

I run Photoshop Cs5, so I decided to turn off OpenGL drawing since I heard it was a problem with the card I had? I couldn't leave it off because it defeats the purpose of having a tablet...

My older hard drive (from a previous machine) then died.

2 months later my 2007 raptor drive died.

It's not the physical drive, as there is no clicking... but the drives don't show up and on startup it says it can't read sectors. I would really love to recover all the data...

Today my computer randomly shut itself off again.

I'm frustrated, as I can't afford to lose another 6 days of photoshop work from my drives dying... or pay to replace them! The drives contain a lot of pictures I hadn't backed up on my external yet! I now am backing stuff up daily instead of once a week.

Windows 7 Professional
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU
8GB DDR2 RAM (2 different sets)
Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS
Corsair Nova CSSD-V32GB2-BRKT 2.5" 32GB SATA II Internal SSD
10,000RPM 250GB Raptor Drive (now dead)
160GB Western Digital (now dead)
250GB old drive that I just put in two days ago to store stuff on...
1000W rosewill bronze power supply
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  1. If your input power is stable, and your power supply is known good (note it was merely changed, vice being known good, but, admittedly, symptoms seem unchanged), perhaps your MB is simply the rare intermittent beast/culprit...
  2. Akeli,

    What motherboard do you have? Is your machine OCed or stock?

    Have your tested your ram? Take out the older 4 gigs and run your system with the new 4 gigs for a few days, see if the problem goes away. Also, memtest each stick of ram one at a time for any errors.

    Typically, ram or PSU's cause most bluescreens or random reboots.

    You mentioned that you added 4 gigs of ram? if your running a 775 socket like I used to, then you have all 4 ram slots full, which stresses out the motherboards memory controller.

    If your ram is manually set in the bios, set it back to auto. Also, what I did on mine is up the voltage from 1.85V to 2.0V when I had my q9550 with 8 gigs of ram not 2 months ago. I was able to manually set my timings and keep my system stable, but it required 2.0V for the ram.

    I know you purchased a new PSU, but rosewill is not a brand I trust in any way. Take it back and purchase something more reliable. Examples being, PC&powercooling,seasonic,corsair,thermaltake,antec.

    Additionally, you don't need 1000W of power for your machine. Looking at the hardware that you listed, max you would need is 650W. If you want to OC or futureproof your PSU for future builds, then grab an 850W.

    I'm personally a huge fan of the corsair HX850.

    Here are my suggestions:

    1. Change your PSU again for something reliable.
    2. Memtest each stick of ram/ try running only 4 gigs
    3. Un-OC everything and stock your bios (except for boot order)
    4. Reseat your videocard and run the latest drivers.

    If your still having bluescreens or random reboots after doing all this, then either your mobo is bad, or your grounding out something in your system.

    Videocards on rare occasions can cause reboots and bluescreens, but it very rare. Typically, if your not OCing your videocard, it seated properly, and your using the latest drivers, it will either work or not work. (there's generally no middle ground on this one.)

    Good luck to you!
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