Is my PSU doa? (pc turns off after 3 seconds max)

When i turn my psu switch to on, the pc starts to turn itself on automatically and all the fans suddenly work, the pc boots but shuts off after 3 seconds literally. Even the gpu fan works for 1-2seconds and turns off for half a second and turns itself back on for not even .5 second and the pc turns itself off.

However, the light on my motherboard stays on forever (the power light).

Psu doa? possibly? most likely? Its brand new and i installed everything correctly.

It won't even connect itself to the monitor before shutting off after 3 seconds. No onboard graphics as well. I reinstalled everything twice but still turns off within 3 seconds each time.

Is the 4pin ATX-something important? last time i booted without plugging it in and it lasted more than 3 seconds.

Also the psu is 500w and im running 460gtx and i thought for sure it could run it without a problem but i cant even see anything to figure out in bios
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  1. also tested without the 460gtx installed and still turns off after 3 seconds.

    could it possibly have something to do with wrong wires for the cd/dvd player or the HDD cables? First time building so i just mixed and matched...but im sure i got it right
  2. Can you test with another PSU?
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