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Alright, so I was about to buy a 5850 for my new build which i will mainly be gaming on, and i just found out that the 6870 was just released and is cheaper than the 5850. I was wondering which one would be better for me to buy. Is the 5850 better than the 6870, or is it the other way around. I'm probably not going to do much overclocking right now and i won't be using crossfire either, so I was just wondering which one i should go for.

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  1. The only reason to choose an HD5850 over the HD6870 is if you get one with voltage control and give it a large overclock.
  2. alright thanks, ill probably go for the 6870. it just seems odd that the 5850 still costs more
  3. Yeah, it is. It's a bit reminiscent of when the HD5770 was released and ATI raised the price on the HD4870 so that it cost significantly more.
  4. With MSI afterburner, I managed to overvolt my Sapphire Radeon 5850 even thought it wasn't an Asus or a MSI :)

    Almost all 58xx and 68xx have voltage control, correct me if I am wrong.
  5. And it is 100% stable even with stock fan ( a little cranked/noisy) but with my headset idc much about the noise, I'm more about perfs:P
  6. You most likely have the reference model of the card. All of the initial HD5850 were the reference model and they all had voltage control. It was later on when the manufacturers had some time to design their own PCBs and ship non-reference cards that most(apart from Asus and MSI) dropped the voltage regulator from the design as a cost cutting measure.
  7. Do you guys know if there are benchmarks for the 6870 yet?
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