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How can I use Outlook Exp. When running Windows 7?
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  2. No, you can use Windows Live Mail.
  3. Or Thunderbird
  4. Devastator_uk said:
    Or Thunderbird

    Thunderbird sucks. It is unstable and does not keep a default setting for font, font size, and color. It also jumps and changes places while writing you e mail. I hate and miss Outlook Express...
  5. In Windows Seven there is no such thing as Outlook Express; Microsoft has replaced it with Windows Live Mail. Windows live mail is a great program I have used it in the past it never crashed on me, and the set-up was painless. The User Interface was good; I have no complaints about the program at all. I would recommend that you give it a try. If you do not like then you could buy Outlook 2010.
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