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Geforce 210?

As part of a barebones kit I have received a Sparkle Geforce 210.
Can it play StarCraft 2 at 1280*1024 at MEDIUM settings?
Here is the link to that kit.....
Thanks, guys!
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  1. It's not very likely,,2445-10.html shows some benchmarks of a Geforce 210, not with Starcraft II, but with other modern games and it can't even maintain 20fps. I have a hard time seeing it even playing well with Low settings.
  2. That kinda sucks...
    Anyone have any benchmarks?
    Keep in mind 20FPS for a RTS is pretty smooth to me.
  3. the 210 is not a gaming vid card, its about on par with MAD 4250 (IGP found in many amd mobobs and laptops) and the bases the ion 2 GPU. Its main purposes is decoding HD video, not 3d gaming.
  4. ^Yeah, I know that,
    BUT can anyone link me to benchmarks of that vid card in ANY game?
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    look up benchmarks of systems using ion 2 set ups, essentially the same card.
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  7. OK, thanks you got best answer.
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