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Just got a Saphire HD 5970 and its giving me problems :( have been serching the net for days trying to find a solution but no luck. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!

ok ok THE PROBLEM is I am getting the same performance, if not less than my old 4870x2.
Found the problem is that only one of the 5970 GPU's is active, the other is completly inactive in both GPUZ and ati overdrive. (game is Crysis WARS)

So far i have tried all of these things that i have found from reading forums.

-Both Gpus show up in device manager, ccc overdrive, GPUZ
-made sure that catalyst ai is on and that crossfire is enabled
-downloaded the ati profilers for crossfire-and the ati xfire logo does show up when im in game, but still one GPU not showing any activity.
-installed and uninstalled different drivers a million times (no success)
-tried removing my i7 overclock from 4.1ghz to standard 2.6ghz ( still only 1 gpu showing activity and performance is still same as my 4870x2 would be at those settings
-ended up reinstalling windows and repeated steps, no success :(

please if anyone has any ideas ??

CPU: i7 920 2.6ghz oc 4.1ghz
Mb: P6T SE x58
Power suply: OCZ 950w
6gb RAM
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  1. By a chance do you have Vsync enabled and are you getting 60fps?
  2. Have tested it on many different settings and it performing the same as my 4870x2
    Everything on high, resolution at 1920x1080 with vsync on and 8xaa i get about 20-30fps

    which makes sens since 5970 = 2x5870 and only one gpu is working so this means about the performance of 1x5870 which is aproximatly the same as a 4870x2
  3. That is low for your specs. Dual GPU's are not supported in window mode if you are playing in that mode.
  4. hey thanks for the replys. sent my 5970 to be tested out, and it came back all ok. 100% working order.

    I reinstalled the drivers and am now seeing both GPUs'being used which is great but... my fps in crysis really arnt tht much better than my 4870x2 and in some cases its worse. im thinking i myt sell it if this is the performance gains im getting.

    Any1 know how much beter a 5970 vs 4870x2 is meant to scale on crysis wars?
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