CPU fan starts spinning, when disconnect ATX12V1

My PC suddenly stopped and I got the message on the screen, "CPU fan failed". I replaced with a new PSU. I turned on my PC, but nothing happened.

I reset BIOS, disconnect and reconnect everything except ATX12V1 (by mistake). The CPU fan starts spinning. But when I connect ATX12V1, the CPU fan stopp spinning.

Anyone can help? What's wrong with my PC?
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  1. you stated your fan failed..I want to know why did you replace your psu?
  2. Because it seems to relate to power supply.

    Now I wonder. When connect to the ATX12v1, it means power up the CPU. Then the power supply is automatically stopped by the circuit on the motherboard. If disconnect it (no power to CPU), the power supply can go through the circuit, and power up the whole motherboard and CPU's fan except the CPU.
  3. yes, the atx 12volt rail is specially designed for the cpu and its fan.however my opinion still stands that i think you need to replace your cpu hsf.
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