Whistling GPU?

Hey Guys,

Just some advice please,

I recently installed a 5870 Sapphire Eyefinity 6 and it's great!! The only thing is is that occaisonally it "Whistles" at least I think its the card? Can anyone tell me what this is please? As it's quite worrying, I hope it's not damaging my card when it happens?!

So long as this is normal when playing certain games etc under load, then thats cool, I am a noob and only hope the instal I did is not to blame?! I do have all the up to date drivers installed and as I say it's performance is brilliant!!!

Thanks in advance!! :wahoo:
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  1. Whistles? Is it comming out of the exhaust on the card? Block the exhaust (but just for a second) and see if it stops it. If it does maybe you have something stuck inside the heatsink fan or the exhaust that is wistling. Those turbine coolers can get pretty loud, but I wouldn't call it wistling so I don't think it's normal.
  2. This can come from power circuitry. Sometimes removing a powerstrip, or moving other hardware to a different outlet can help.
    Sometimes its a combination of a certain PSU, with a certain video card. Its why some people are effected, and some aren't.
  3. Hi thanks for your responses, I had a friend call round and have a listen, and he said its just the capacitors, and to ensure that I V Sync within the options lists of any games, and it has worked, so thanks for your help and advice, but thankfully, my card is fine!!!

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