Corsair H50 Fan Speed Low

Just installed a Corsair H50 and so far I'm very pleased. My temps have dramatically decreased but I still have a few concerns about the fan speed. Here are my specs...

i5 2500k
Asus p8p67 LE
Coolmaster 960 II advanced
HD 6950
Corsair H50

OK, so I boot up my comp into BIOS and notice my fan speed is 600RPM's. I'm new to PC building but this seems extremely low... The fan is plugged into the CPU_Fan socket on the motherboard. I am not seeing any options to increase speed so I'm just wondering if this is a normal fan speed with a Corsair H50 or if it's a problem with my motherboard. I'm also not seeing any options to increase the fan speed within the BIOS. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!
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  1. you can use a program like HWmonitor to capture low and high rpm speeds on your cpu fan. 600 rpm sounds fine at non-stress computing. my cm 212+ fan runs at the same speed during web surfing and hardly breaks 1k at stress. my cpu never breaks 50c during gaming.
  2. Check your manual and see if that MOBO even has fan speed controls in the BIOS. If it does not, and your fan speed is too slow, you can either connect the fan directly to the PSU or use an add in fan controller.
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