Choosing GTX 460 vs HD6850; Poll

I am probably going to buy soon new GPU. I'am in europe where 460 and 6850 costs virtually the same without dealing with rebate.
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  1. Asus HD6850
  2. I like gigabyte cards, dual coolers even on stock/base cards, and the whole 20z copper pcb gotta be better than standard >_>
  3. Asus DirectCU 6850
  4. Asus DCU 6850.
  5. Monitor res? What do you want the card to do (what games, if games)? What is the rest of your system?
  6. ASUS 6850 is amazing gets to 1gz with ease
  7. For the games i play and my previous good experience with Gigabyte graphic cards i'd go with the Gigabyte card, but there really isn't a bad choice among the 4 you posted.
  8. What games do you play?
    Will you oc the cards further or not.
    Do you have a good case with cooling or not.
  9. Although once an MSI 6850, one of their OC cards comes out, not the generic ones, like Hawk, id probably take that over the DCU. Those things OC like monsters no matter what card it is.
  10. I wonder if this is not just effect of that single review, but be it, I like that one too. If the time will come to buy I will know which one. Thank you.
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