Wireless adapter: Which and what?

K well I'm putting together a new build and i need to make the internet connection wireless. I currently have a D-link DIR-615 wireless router* and I'm not sure if only these adapters work with this router. Looking online it seems like people seem to say all adapters should work, but when I look at certain wireless adapters they list routers they work with and I cant seem to find one that has my router. Its not that old... about 2 years.

Also what do we need to look for in a wireless adapter? Which is better the usb or the card?

If you guys have some examples that would be great too.
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  1. D-link DIR 615 is a router.

    It supports wireless 802.11n and if you wish to use the claimed extra speed of n I would stick with the D-link brand when you buy an adapter to ensure compatibility.

    Personally I prefer PCI devices but USB is easier to install.
  2. Yea my bad meant router.... So stick with d-link? It's just their almost double the price of some other brands. And do PCI work better or is it just preference?
  3. The reason for sticking with the same brand dates from the Draft n standard (or non-standard) which meant that each brand implemented things slightly differently. I'm not sure if that standard has stabilised yet so to be cautious I would stay with D-link unless the retailer can assure you that what you buy instead will work fully (and refund if it doesn't).

    PCI is probably better because it can draw more current than USB -- obviously you don't have the flexibility with positioning that USB plus extension lead offers.
  4. Alright thanks fihart
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