Is Integrated graphics sufficient for this?

I'd like to purchase a lenovo laptop Thinkpad T400 or T410. My goal is to be able to connect it to a 1920x1080 screen and run HD video on it (like AVCHD, MKV) and also full screen flash videos 1080P.

2 Questions:

Would an integrated graphics in T400 or T410 be sufficient for this?

Is VGA connection good enough or do I need display port from T410?

Thank you.
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  1. No problem, your good to go,almost any box will play almost any kind of video regardless of extension right off the shelf it is only when one gets into games and graphic design and such like programs that video needs become paramount, have phun and enjoy..:)
  2. Even though integrated is enough, the switchable graphics on those models are handy but if cost is an issue the intel chip should be enough.
  3. I was looking up reviews on this laptop and they say poor video playback i am going to need to agree Intel are not the best for video playback but it will get the job done and have you thought of maybe buying somewhere else for a laptop the Lenovo maybe dell or something you could get much more of a laptop for less i think. Just throwing it out there maybe something like this seams it would be more suited for what you want to do? :)
  4. Hmm, haven't noticed anything poor on my T500 will fire it up tomorrow and play a dvd on it.
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