What graphic card to get on PSU of 350 watt

Hey, I want to upgrade my pc by buying a new graphic card.
Current spec : ECS Motherbord
Duel core 2.5 (E5200)
2 gb ram
240 gb hard drive
DVD drive
Nvidia 8600 GTS 256 mb
PSU 350 ATX watt
(+3.3V 18 A, +5V 28A,+ 12V 14A, + 5vSB 2A,-5V 3A, -12V 5A) +5V and +3.3V combined total 165W

Will the Radeon HD 5670 or Nvidia 250GTS work on my system, I play games on 1440X900 resolution. If not what graphic card do you recommend. Thanx
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  1. 9600gt
  2. the 5670 may work ok (168w 12v will be just enough). but if the 8600gts works, i would say the 5670 would draw about the same power. make sure its a pcie 2.0 card not a 2.1. the gts250 draws too much 12v power for that psu. I would go with a psu upgrade for either card, even a lower end Thermaltake litepower 450w model would be better than the 350w you now have. Should be fairly cheap depending where you are from, and will run the gts250 http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Thermaltake-Litepower-450-W-Power-Supply-Review/730/10
  3. rule of thumb would be to find a card without external power needed. Don't quote me on it, but you should be able to get alot better performance with a newer card, like the ones you suggested.

    (I'm not from the states, but I provided a link to a card on newegg, since you guys over there like to use that e-tailer).

    (note it says requires 400W power, but if your 350w is of good quality, it should be no problem, if it's not, then you may try to rethink your budget, and get a bigger power supply first. My advice would be, try to get the card you want, with the guidelines in mind. If it wont boot, or crashes when you load the card with a 3d intensive game, well, you need a better power supply, which you would have needed anyhow. :heink:

    Last. Take a look at:
    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-radeon-hd-geforce-gtx,2676-7.html rule of thumb here is to at least go 4 spaces up, from what you got, to be able to justify the purchase.

    good luck with what you decide to do, but you should be fine :hello:
  4. Thanx for the replies, it looks like the radeon 5670 hd will be the best option ? ( Buget to small to include new psu). What will hapen is the psu is to weak, will it just no boot or can it damage my system ? Does the radeon hd 5670 have an external power port ?
  5. HD 5670.

    It is a little more powerful and uses less power than the 9600GT. The HD 5670 maxes out at under 30w when playing games.

  6. hmm only 14a on the 12v rail. my 250w dell power supply has 17a on the 12v rail and im using a hd5570.
  7. My honest opinion would be an entire PC upgrade. The PC specs you provided tell me that possibly the motherboard is possibly a PCIE 1.0 board so you might not get full performance benefit of a 2.0 card...someone correct me if I am wrong on that but 2.0 has a larger bandwith and this also might only effect you if running 2 cards in SLI or Crossfire.

    I am not sure whether a 9600gt would be an upgrade and possibly would be a costly lateral move. The 9800gt when it was first released was left over 8800gt G92's just rebranded and later on they did make new ones with new power saving feature which was missing from the original models. The 9800 GTX X2 I believe it was (the one with dual GPUs) was a very powerful card and if you could locate one of those for a decent price that would be my suggestion. If you want to go ahead and upgrade without an entire PC upgrade also check into a GTX 260 if you can find one. The 260 or any of the 200 series cards would be a very nice bump up from what you have.

    For an ATI option anything from the 4870 up to current would do you good. I also want to do a graphics upgrade but holding out till I can build an entire new PC is the choice I have made. Building a PC where all components can perform on equal levels is a good idea so you don't have a super powerful video card and then having a CPU that holds the vid card back from it's true potential. Good thing is if you get a current vid card it could be popped into a new build.
  8. you are partly wrong. while pcie2.0 does haave double the bandwidth of a 1.x slot, the video cards mentioned to not even come close to saturating that bandwidth. you can run a gtx480 on a 1.x slot and only be losing 1% performance. I dont think the guy wants to upgrade his whole PC, he just wants a bit more performance. I know it would be great if we could all just pull money out our a**es for new rigs all the time, but its not possible for everyone.....
  9. well the 8600gts uses 71 max so you could use up to a HD5670 since it uses 61w max.
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