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Hey guys - hoping someone can help me.

I recently compiled a new system from some old parts combined with a lot of new parts. I pulled the mobo out of an HP tower and put it in an Antec 900 case, which is loaded with fans but has no 3pin connectors for any of them. The result is a System Fan Error (Press F2 to continue) whenever I boot my computer. Now, I've searched the forums and found that this can often be fixed in the bios, but I can't find any option to modify fan speed in my bios. Maybe I'm missing it (though I doubt it) or maybe there is another way to get rid of this annoying message. There isn't really any room in the Antec case to mount a fan with a 3pin connector, either. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The mobo, as I mentioned, was stock from an HP Pavillion. It's an Intel Core 2 Quad q9300 @ 2.5ghz, manufactured by PEGATRON, model Eureka3.
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  1. Do you have the CPU fan plugged into the motherboard? A quick google of the motherboard points me to here: which indicates there is 1 CPU Fan header. Make sure the CPU fan is plugged into that.
  2. That is indeed the motherboard, and I have the heatsink fan plugged into the proper 3pin connector, but I have no fan plugged into the Case Fan 4pin connector. The issue arose when I took the mobo out of the stock HP case (which had a Case Fan with a 4pin connector) and moved it into an Antec 900 gaming case, which has a Case Fan that connects via molex with no 4pin option. The mobo is recognizing a vacant 4pin connector and causing the error to register when it boots. My problem is that there is nowhere in this case to mount a fan with a 4pin connector, and my BIOS does not appear to have the option to tweak fan controls, so I'm stuck with this error - unless somebody knows a work-around?
  3. some HP's have a hidden BIOS setup that adds an advanced menu that allows you to adjust other settings like fan speed, and to enable/disable fan speed monitoring. Usually it's F11 during boot (not shown as an option on the bios splash screen). It will take you into BIOS setup that looks like the normal one, but has one more page. You can adjust fan speeds, fan speed delta, thermal settings, etc. Go to the "advanced" tab, and scroll all the way down. Now there's a menu option called "hardware monitor" that allows you to turn off fan speed monitoring for CPU or system fan. Not all HP's have this, but a LOT do. I used to use an OEM HP board (a8m2n-la nodus) that had the options.
  4. Evenings I have spent trying to fix the system fan error at startup! Now finally I got to this post, with the solution: a single tap on F11. Thanks a lot!
  5. I had the fan failure issue with my HP a1730n although they were running I replaced them and still got fan failure and f2 to continue message. After web searching I finally came to this board. I knew there was a way to get to the fan controls in bios menu but after many tries at different function keys I got in by hitting ctrl + f10 and that got me into bios menu with the advanced menu with hardware monitor. that lets you control them.
  6. RestlessCitizen said:
    Evenings I have spent trying to fix the system fan error at startup! Now finally I got to this post, with the solution: a single tap on F11. Thanks a lot!

    I'm having the exact came problem as you, except, when i try to press F11, the fan error comes up instead and its like it blocks the bios from opening, even if i hit the button to get into the regular bios, the fan error comes up and blocks it, I can't get into bios period. Any suggestions?
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