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will gta iv run on ati radeon 4550 on normal settings
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  1. yes, but will run very poorly.
  2. It will run on 5-10 fps, What is your CPU?
  3. Does it render at 320x240?
  4. on max settings that card will play at 1.2 FPS.
  5. OMG!! 1.2 FPS. Even i want this superb card man, no card can play GTA 4 at 1.2 fps. lol.

    bro get atleast an HD 5670 to play at playable framerates
  6. what fps required to play GTA IV at 1280 by 1080 screen resolution
  7. i have core 2duo 2.4 2.4 2gb of ram and i want to buy a graphic card to play games like GTA iv mass effect 2 nfs shift COD 4 on 1280by 1080screen resolution . which graphic card handle those games on 1280by 1080 resolution under 5000 range in pakistan.
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