Limited bandwidth with Windows 7

I have recently installed Windows 7 on our two wfi networked pcs. The older of the two consists of a Asus A8N-VM CMS mobo with 3Gb Ram and Athlon 64 3000+ CPU. The second pc has an Asus M5A78L-M LX mobo ithe 4GB Ram and Athlon II X2 Dual core 250 3.00GHz cpu.
Both were previously running XP and had no bandwidth or streaming issues. Since loading W7, the older pc is having problems with low bandwidth when playing live tv fromthe BBC for instance, but if XP is started there is no problem at all.

The newer pc streams perfectly and I could watch tv on it all day without it freezing.
The specification on the problem pc is above the minimum recommended but do you think this might be the problem?
I have also found that IE9 makes it worse and have gone back toIE8.
Any suggestions?
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  1. People often experience problems when running XP and 7 on the same hard drive.
    An older computer may not be fully compatible with win 7.
    Check on the manufacturer website for possible updates to the motherboard drivers, firmware, bios etc...
    Although there is no guarantee that updates will solve it completely.
  2. Agreed, You need to make sure all drivers are up to date, especially NIC drivers.
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