Asrock 990FX Extreme 4

How is this board? I've been heavily comparing this board vs. the Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 - both boards have everything I'm looking for for an AM3 setup and both boards are around the same price. I've never tried Asrock before but all the reviews I've been reading seem to be more positive than negative. Does anyone have this board? Are there any compatibility issues I should be aware of before buying?

The CPU I'm going to be using is an AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8Ghz with 16GB of Corsair XMS RAM and a Thermalright Silver Arrow CPU cooler.
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  1. I would absolutely go with the Gigabyte over the ASRock.

    Although I have been seeing the ASRock's been getting better reviews recently, this is a new trend.

    Gigabyte has been battling with Asus for years to be the most stable / best boards, and they do a great job.

    Usually the only reason people go for ASRock is they are generally a bunch cheaper. If they are at the same price point, I would go Gigabyte.
  2. The Gigabyte is a bit more - it's one of the ones they recent in the recent roundup. But I'd rather pay an extra $30 than to have the board be replaced an extra few times.
  3. As you mentioned ASRock's have gotten better, but I am a creature of habit and would go with the Gigabyte. I doubt you would have any issues with the ASRock, but my opinion is Gigabyte
  4. How is this board compared to the UD5? It's the same 990FX chipset but it's quite a bit cheaper:
  5. The only difference is PCI Slots and SLI Config.

    The UD5 supports 3-way, the UD3 only supports 2-way,3891
  6. I ordered the UD3 - I cant imagine I'll be running anything other than 2-way SLI or Crossfire. Plus it was $40 off for the Cyber Monday sale.
  7. good call :)
  8. Cool - I should take some pictures on Wed. when I get the board and post how my system upgrade goes.
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