Lan cable problem with wireless SMC network

Hi Everyone, I am having a very cryptic error that I have struggled with for 2 days now.

I have a wireless SMC network all components are made by SMC and support Draft n, however there is a computer that gets a poor signal and therefore a cable has been installed between it and the router. there is another cable going from the WAN port on the router to the DSL modem, to supply the internet to the network.

The problem is that the cable connected PC cannot see the other PC's.
It can however get an IP address from the router and ping the router, but not the other PC's.
The cable has been tested and works fine.

The rest of the office computers are making use of wireless cards and can all see each other and access the internet with no issues at all.

I have duplicated the setup at home with the same products and have the same issue.
It seems to me that the only solutions i have left to investigate are the router software or the windows software. ie the firewall. "I find nothing of interest" Is there a setting that could affect the encryption and decryption between wireless and wired signal?
Oh and I have been using WPA encryption.

Please Help.
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    Certainly try disabling firewall(s) once the cable connection has been made -- then reactivate firewall and it will accept the new connection.
  2. I thought I had adjusted the firewall accordingly but maybe uninstalling Kaspersky all together is the next logical step. Thanx
  3. Just wanted to share the solution that defy s logic. After trying everything I decided to replace the network card even though it seemed to be working and surprisingly it solved the problem. There must have been some slight defect with the onboard lan as even though it was new, and could recieve a DHCP assigned IP address it could not send or recieve data. Thanx for responding Fihart.
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