This took me 3 days toremember...

ok i was just wondering about spraying my case, and it struck that generic grey colour on the inside of "non inside painted" cases primer? or...what? would it still need to be primed?
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  1. You should always prime first.
    It will give you better,longer lasting results.
  2. ok cheers =D more money to waste =D
  3. There is a HUGE difference in paint quality. A lot of the spray paints will scratch off.

    (the best spray paint is car paint).

    I suggest you spend some time reading on how to properly spray paint metal (sanding, priming, painting...types of paint etc).
  4. i work for halfords so getting carpaint isnt hard and i knoew how to paint as i did some trial and error experiments on my old downhill bike frame....which..went horribly wrong, but then i thought it had primer on it, as i gave it to a mate to paint ford focus orange but he never finished it so i continued and well...4 cans of orange and 2 cans of still went tits up so learnt alot from that. paints just so expensive these days :( mind you i think 1 or 2 cans will do for just the inside of the case as im leaving the side matt black, i thin the insides going to be acid green or something. sanding it down might be hard due to all the funny little holes and spaces everywhere.
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