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My PC recently stopped powering on. When I took the case apart, I see a blue blinking light in the top right corner. What does this error code mean? I cannot find any info on error codes on the XFX site. Before it stopped powering up I had some trouble where it would not wake up from "sleep" mode so I would have to restart -- and it would not so I would use the power button. It would not work right away so I tried things like unplugging power cord, shutting power switch on back, and holding the power button in for 10-15 seconds. Eventually it powered up. This happened twice before it simply would not power up.

I thought it may be the PSU or mobo, but then saw the blinking error light. Anyone know what it means? Thanks.
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  1. There's virtually no documentation on the blue, green and amber/yellow LEDs.

    What's silk-screened on the motherboard next to the blue LED is +5 STBY.

    I would think a steady blue LED would indicate that the +5V Standby power rail of the power supply unit is working correctly.

    A blinking blue LED would indicate a problem on the power supply's +5V Standby rail.

    I have an EVGA nForce 780i SLI motherboard that has these three LEDs but the motherboard manual mentions nothing about their existence or purpose.

    If you have access to a different power supply unit that you can troubleshoot with swap out the one that is giving you the problem and try the new one.
  2. Thanks. you are right about the documentation! I could not believe there is absolutely no mention of the lights in the manual or even on their website! I am pretty sure it must be the power supply, so i have ordered a new one and I am crossing my fingers. Will update results.
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