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Asus 6850

Newegg has this listed as only having 800 stream processor. Mistake right???
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  1. nevermind...Sorry for the dumb question
  2. Wait did you figure out an answer? I'm guessing its a mistake due to them being reference cards and I don't see the stream processors going down for one company.
  3. yeah I figured it Should have looked a little harder before making my post. Anyways I went ahead and ordered one. Was going to wait for the 6900s but figured I don't really need anything that highend, and if i ever want a little more I'll just get another for Crossfire. This my first ATI/AMD card and I can't wait to get it.
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    So um what was the answer? lol

    Mistake on Newegg's part?
  5. Yes, mistake on Newegg's
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