Not sure what memory type i should get


i am trying to add some memory to my gaming desktop. It is about 4 years old and is showing its age, but I am too poor to totally upgrade it.

So i decided to go from 2GB to 4GB memory. That is the max on a 32-bit system yeah?

I currently have 2GB of this memory

so I am just looking for 2GB to add.

I am not sure what to buy since that memory has been deactivated by now and I am unsure what will be compatible with my system.

here is my motherboard also

any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. From my own experience with that era of Asus motherboard, it seems it has issues with populating all 4 slots with the fastest memory if it isn't on the QVL.

    1) DDR2 is almost obsolete and demands a higher price than DDR3 now.
    2) Always try to have all sticks of RAM identical. And install in matching pairs.
    3) I would replace the 2 - 1GB sticks with 2 - 2GB sticks. Yes, 4GB is the max the 32 bit OS can see. (you can sell the 1GB sticks on ebay)
    4) 4GB will make gaming a much happier experience.
    5) If price is an issue, I would forgo the 'sexy' memory sticks for some workable basic RAM. You won't see any difference in speed with the 'ugly' RAM.
  2. Thanks very much for the advice.

    So if DDR2 is obsolete, will the DDR3 work on my system? I am not really sure what will work and what will not. Does it have to be DDR2 240 pin PC2 6400?
  3. Unfortunately, DDR2 and DDR3 memory is not interchangable. The slots are keyed different so you don't 'accidently' try to put one kind in the other's slot. If you are going to keep that motherboard, you will have to find and use DDR2 memory. Yes, 240 pin. The PC 6400 is just the 800MHZ designation.

    When I said 'obsolete', I didn't mean not good. It's just rarely if at all produced anymore. DDR2 topped out at 1066MHZ, DDR3 started about 800MHZ and is up to 2100MHZ now.
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