Oc'd e8400 to 3.6ghz on stock cooler

O.O So i oc'd my e8400 to 3.6ghz and its ....27c idle..... 42-50c load...lmao, is it safe to keep it like this?
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  1. Yes great chip based on temps! What program are you using to monitor temps? Thought about another one just to make sure the one you are using is right?
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    if you are between ambient room temperatures of 68f (20c) to 70f (21.11c) then your temps are great.

    How high did you go in volts?

    Did you Prime95 it?
  3. i actually undervolteded it, its running at 1.12v and max at 1.14v i'm using CPUID HW Monitor and AIDA64 and yes i got 56c in prime95 but nothing ever stresses a computer out like that realistically lol
  4. Then you are good!
  5. so no need for a aftermarket heatsink? :D
  6. Not unless you want higher!
  7. alright, i only got a gtx 460 so no reason for higher lolz, if i ever find a game i can't get 40-50 fps in i'm gonna upgrade cpu XD maybe gpu, but hopefully not for 1-3yrs i only play WoW and cod anyway
  8. Awesome job
    Im kinda jealous :) LOL

    Do you OC 460 too?
  9. Those temps are great! Nice and low even under load. Push the clock higher, till it crashes or your Prime95 times hit 70C.

    Then, what is the RPM on the stock cooler? If its just too loud for you, or you want to clock higher, pick out a good after market cooler. It will be FAR quieter. And a bit cooler too.....

    212+ is a good starter cooler.....

    NOTE: I could hit 4.1Ghz with my E8400 and a monster Zalman cooler. But quiet honestly, a huge cooler on a dual core is overkill. Temps were never my problem with the OC....
  10. Personally I think that since it is stable and at a good speed
    leave it alone

    An extra 400 mhz or so doesnt really make any difference other
    than in synthetic benches

    If OCing for the challenge of it and good benches are your hobby
    then go for it
    for real world applications it really wont make much difference
    Though having a C2D at 4.0ghz is a cool thing to brag about LOL
  11. i oc my 460 yes and yeah the rpm is like 1400, can go up to 3500 if wanted on the cpu LOL. im just suprised the small shitty stock cooler is doing this damn well.
  12. Don't be surprised. It's a 65watt chip and a dual core to boot. Doesn't take much of a heat sink to keep that cool. Even at high OC's.

    Now 95watt chips, MIGHT need an aftermarket cooler.....

    But get into the 125watt and 130watt CPUs, and the stock coolers won't even support Stock speeds and voltages let alone an OC... (example: i7-900 series, run Prime95 and watch the temps soar with a stock cooler. Even aftermarkets struggle when your shooting for 4Ghz... and <80C)
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  14. Thank you for selecting me as Best Answer
    Enjoy your rig
  15. haha, your welcome, just cleaned a old 4890 out, (never opened a gfx card up before) was SO MUCH DUST. went from 55c idle to..35c.. lmao had to use nailpolish remover lolol
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