Should be a simple fix but need help

Basic situation. Main PC has been up and running fine for 3 years. I decided to upgrade video card. Old video card: XFX 7600GT was replaced with EVGA GTS 250. Monitor not working after this and need help.

I powered down system and turned off the power to the computer. I removed old video card and put in GTS 250 (also hooked up the 6 pin adapter needed). I turned on the system after installing the new card. Monitor will not recognize DVI port for some reason. No ports on the new card were recognized by monitor. Furthermore, I tried putting the 7600GT back in and the monitor doesn't recognize either DVI port and says "No DVI Input" before going to Power Save Mode. Almost acts as if the HDD is not booting. I cannot get to a boot screen.

Monitor is not the issue as I am using it right now on an old PC. Need some help PLEASE!

I tried clearing CMOS by removing battery. Had it out for serveral minutes and also disconnected the main 24pin connector.

I tried booting from a Windows disk and it wasn't recognized, or at least the monitor failed to turn on and said no DVI port found.

No clue what I need to do to get my PC back up and running. It never acted like it had a problem before I installed the new card. Any useful ideas are greatly appreciated.

Main PC Specs:

Intel E6750
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
2 X 1 GB PC2-6400 CL4
Seagate 500GB HDD
XP 32 Bit
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  1. Did you uninstall the old driver from your first card? Have you tried to boot into your bios?
  2. No dust trapped in your PCIe slot? Sounds to me that the system is not recognizing there is a GPU installed since it is both cards now. Both cards being Nvidia should run on the drivers unless they are old (before GTS250)
    What is the brand model and size of your PSU?
  3. christop: I didn't uninstall the old drivers first. I realized this mistake after I had installed the new card and the monitor didn't recognize a DVI port. How can I boot into the bios? Is there another way? It's normally done on my MOBO by pressing the "Delete" key, but I cannot even see monitor only shows a message that there is no DVI input and then it goes into power save mode.

    rolli59: Dust was a MAJOR concern of mine. I actually spent about 5-6 hours today taking EVERYTHING apart (all wires have been reconnected) and cleaned out any spec of dust that was there. I brushed out the PCI-e slot and shop vacuumed it for good measure. The fan turns on for the 7600GT upon bootup so I don't know if it is still unrecognized. The PSU is a OCZ GameXStream 600-700W (not sure) but I am 100% sure that it isn't the culprit as my 7600GT does not require any 6 pin connector for power and it isn't working now either.

    I'm not sure what the deal is and it is frustrating as hell. I haven't built a computer in several years so I am a little "rusty" and not recognizing something. Thanks to both of you for your help so far.
  4. when you replaced the gpu where you earthed, did you use anti static wrist band or something similar?
    acn you try the 5970 on different machine?
  5. I am pretty sure I fried my RAM just like you thought. I tried the sticks in a different machine that was known to be working and it wouldn't boot. I RMA'ed them and should be receiving them soon.
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