Windows7 64 bit wont recognize Ati Radeon HD3200/3650 mobility

Hello! I have used this Amilo XA3530 laptop with HD3200/3650 video card for around a year. First I had 32bit Vista on it, the graphics cards worked nicely, including the hybrid function of using both cards at the same time for increased performance. Around 6 months ago or so I moved on to Windows 7 64bit. There, the hybrid function didn't work, but I had already read about that so it didnt surprise me, I just set it to use the more powerful one out of the two cards (HD3650) while still being able to switch to HD3200 on the fly when power consumption was to be lowered. The HD3650 card worked very finely.

This is where the problem starts, yesterday evening I closed the lid on my laptop, to hibernate it. Today when I opened the lid, windows did not start up at all, just showing a black screen. I forced a shut down and rebooted. When I arrived in windows, i was greeted by ~800x600 resolution and a message that my video display is not recognized. Meanwhile Windows7 automatically found some drivers (only for HD3200) and prompted for a reset. After the reset was done, the HD3200 card is doing fine, but the HD3630 card is not even recognized (its as if it was physically removed, no trace of its existance).

How can I make windows 7 recognize the HD3650 graphics card again ?
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