Intel Mainstream vs Performance (P67 vs X58)

For the last couple months, I was very excited in my planning to purchase a new gaming PC.

I was planning on a P67 mobo with an i5 2500K, which seemed an easy choice due to all the benchmarking comparisons of an i7 950 vs. the i5 2500K.

However, I was confused by this recent video showing an interview between Intel and newegg, which the Intel rep explains the 2500K isn't for hardcore gamers, but for "Mainstream" gamers, implying the X58 is the mobo for hardcore gamers.

Intel's website even has the P67 chipset under "Mainstream" and the X58 above it in "Performance".

Is this just a marketing term? It looked as if the i5 2500K were far better than i7 950, but why is the P67 ranked lower on Intel's own website? ... or am I misunderstanding Intel's terminology of Mainstream vs. Performance?
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  1. It is a marketing term meaning that if you are hardcore and want to run a dual card setup at 16x16 speed then the LGA1366 is the way to go to squeeze the last 2% of performance out of the GPU's!
  2. It is a marketing term and their way of planning for the LGA 2011 release, which is the X58 replacement. Also, they are doing it to help continue to get sales of the X58. If they the P67 was highend at a lower price, why would one even think about buying an X58.
  3. I suspected as such, but I didn't want to short myself if the LGA 2011 socket was going to blow the Sandy Bridge generation out of the water, but looks like I'm in good shape for a couple years at least, if I grab the P67 / i5 2500K.

    I'm not planning on overclocking, but i'm still being told by many other forums to get the 2500K as it has more cache than the 2500, but I don't see that anywhere, though. All specs appear the same other than the overclocking aspect.
  4. only difference is the overclocking (unlocked multplier) and the built in HD graphics which are better on the K CPU's
  5. Will the better built-in HD graphics of the 2500K be utilized at all if I'm using a PCI-E Video card in the P67 even not overclocked?

    Or is it only utilized in the H67 chipsets where no Video card is used?
  6. No it will not get utilized on the P67 only the H67 and no card, they really should have done it the other way around from consumer stand point!
  7. Well then, that settles it LOL!

    I'll be getting the P67 and the i5 2500. K not needed for me, since I'm not overclocking.

    Thank you so much for clearing this up, that "Mainstream" vs. "Performance" category on Intel was really playing tricks.
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