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Hello ,
I am building a small form factor PC. I am using a ZOTAC H55ITX-C-E LGA 1156 motherboard with 760CPU in an Aplus CUPID-3 Case. The problem is the selection of graphics card. The Pc is mainly for media , but also editing and occasional gaming. THe case is small and will only fit a single slot card, also the case comes with a 250 watt PSU with only 2 molex and 3 sata .
I have an old nvidia 8600 but would like something better with dx11 support.
I would like to use a gts 460 but its not going to happen with this case.

Any help would be great,
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  1. The best card you can fit in there is a HD5770 (Technically there is the Galaxy GTX470 Katana which performs quite a bit better, but I doubt it will be ever released):

    What Case do you have though?
    You will need a PSU though. Like these:
  2. the 5770 will not pair well with a 250 power supply. unless you upgrade the psu, the strongest card i would put in there is a 5670, and even that is pushing it a bit
  3. An HD5570 would be a wise option.
  4. ^ GTX460 for a 250W PSU?
  5. Since when is a GTX460 Single Slot?
  6. did ask for the best single slot....

    Enjoy =D
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