Nvidia gtx460 question

I have a the following hardware... will I be bottlenecking my cpu in world of warcraft upgrading to 2x evga gtx 460's in SLI?

asus p5n-d
intel core 2 duo 3.0 ghz wolfdale cpu.
2xevga 8800gts in SLI
8 gig ram
wd 74 gig raptor

thank you in advance for any help.
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  1. Your current setup should be plenty for WOW unless you have the old G80 GTS cards.
    Bottleneck depends on your resolution, if you overclock your CPU you will reduce bottleneck.
  2. I have the 320mb superclocked evga ones.

    The wow expansion cataclysm released the first week of December and it adds directx 11 support and pushes hardware limits more.

    I can no longer run at 1980x1200 16xAA and get 60fps all the time like I did a year ago.

    I have read the review here ....

    I was only wondering if the gtx 460's would be limited much by my current hardware setup or if I would need to upgrade other components to get the full potential of the cards?
  3. Even one of those GTX460 1GB would be a big upgrade from you current G80 card setup. I would start with one card and see if you are happy with that.
  4. Would i be limited by my cpu?
  5. if you get a gtx 460 im 90% sure if you get less than 60fps it's not from your video card.. wow isnt very graphicly demanding even with a expantion that adds slightly more intense spells or graphics, same engine :p but look on youtube for computer specs that run the new wow. i just did that and someone is using a phenom II dual core at 3.4ghz with gtx 460. i asked him what his frame rate is at Screen ress 1920*1080 All details max with aa 4x multisamping 8 x vsync on

    if he responds ill relay
  6. thank you for your help. I am currently playing at the middle setting of good with 2xAA and it runs great but I want to be able to go back to maxed everything :)
  7. WoW does NOT support SLI, you will see an improvment over one card but do not expect the kind of scaling you see in titles that do support it.

    that said even my gts 450 (asus TOP so better than a average 450) can pull 50-60 fps in ultra at 1920x1080 , so even 1 gtx 460 should be fine

    your cpu might bottleneck your system a bit, but as said nothing an overclock can't remedy, here's hoping your cpu gets up good, maybe aim for 3.4 Ghz if you have a good cpu cooler on there
  8. wow DOES support SLI their is even a profile for it in the nvidia control panel.
    it is also on slizone here...

    and it is on the geforce.com for sli and 3d stereo support

    I have my cpu overclocked at 3.6ghz currently with a corsair H70 H2O kit.

    Thanks for everyones help. off to newegg I go!
  9. WoW does not officially support SLI

    what you linked shows that sli supports WoW

    to explain the difference

    you can force WoW to work in SLI ttu it will nto be done on the game engine it will be done in nvidia control and will not scale as well as true sli compatable titles

    now if this has changed i'll be happy as i run 2x gts 450's in sli, but scaling is not nearly 90-95% liek in some titles, more like 60-75%

    note last tiem i researched it was only a few week ago when i got the 2nd gts 450; i doubt and engine changes have been made to WoW in that timeframe
  10. I posted the question about SLI on the Wow forums here....
    lets see what blizzard says if I get a blue post :)
  11. someone posted this link and it helped alot

    basically in fullscreen it does take advantage of sli from what their benchmarks are showing.
  12. well the results in those two basically almost echo what i was saying mate :D

    in the thread linked inside your thread you see they ran benchmarks and had about 60% scaling in crossfire, the sli performance was better clocking in at just shy of 80%

    now this is exactly what i said

    "now if this has changed i'll be happy as i run 2x gts 450's in sli, but scaling is not nearly 90-95% like in some titles, more like 60-75%"

    see, it does in fact "work" in sli just not gonna scale 90-95% like in an engine optimized for it, every time you see benchmarks for crossfire and sli they always use titles that support it, thus they actually get the results you see usually

    now at your res you should be able to ultra with dual 460's in sli, was just warning you they aren't going to scale as well in everything as much as you'd think from reading sli benchmarks
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