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my friend just bought a HP p6654y he was wondering what he should upgrade to have a decent gaming computer. like play WoW . Call of duty 4;+II+Processor+/+4GB+Memory+/+750GB+Hard+Drive/1243488.p?id=1218240379197&skuId=1243488
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  1. I'd get a proper power supply and a decent GPU. an HD 6850 and a 450-500W PSU from a reliable company
  2. could you please post the links of a good gpu and the power supply? newegg please
  3. ask, and ye shall receive:

    Sea Sonic 520W 80+ Bronze model. $59.99
    Either card, Corsair ver antec unless you want modular. I have owned both PSU's and both are good.
    Also, AMD or nVidia, both are good. Dosent have to be Gigabyte, MSI, Asus, EVGA, XFX, all good.
  5. Thanks.
    my other friend saw us upgrading our pcs .....and now he wants to upgrade his too....but he doesnt want to spend a lot like $150 max. he has a Acer e380 ..its just like this one. The power supply is a 250w.

    i told him to get a better power supply and a better GPU and ram. but idk about quality/prices.

    what do you guys think he should upgrade? thanks in advance
  6. I'd suggest $40 for a Power supply around 400W and a Geforce GTS 450 for about $110
  7. what about ram? its not necessary? and where could i find a gts 450 for $110?

    my friend isnt really into gaming he just plays 2d games. like maplestory. so i dont think he needs a powerful GPU. IDK just saying.

    we came up with this...but idk if it not worth it




    Grand Total:* $149.97

    im not sure how much power is needed to power everything. but i went with what you said. to get around 400w
  8. this is a better PSU at $39.99

    With windows xp, you can only address 3.5 gb of RAM. so, 1GB should be all he needs:
    Only $16.99

    with that spent ($57 total), you can get a slightly better GPU for $76.99
  9. the computer comes with Vista. but he has windows 7 installed ...
  10. ok. 32 bit or 64 bit?
  11. 64 bit
  12. Best answer
    in that case, yeah, get the 2 GB kit.

    I'd still suggest the 430 over the 5550, and the same PSU

    Alternately, this GTS 240 with DDR5 is only $39 after rebate:
  13. Oh ok thanks a lot!
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