Putting a PCI Express 2.0 in a Dell M52

Hi folks!

I just bought a Dell M52 for my girlfriend and I'm currently looking for a good video card to put in.

After some research I'd start considering a Radeon HD 5570, mainly for her low power consumption and good average game performance for a card under 100$.

As stated in the spec sheet, the M52 have a PCI Express x1 slot.

According to what I red, a PCI Express 2.0 card would fit in a PCI Express 1.0 slot but would not perform at her maximum capacity.

Could someone tell me it my information is good and if it would be ok to put a Radeon HD 5570 in a Dell M52?

Here is the link to the spec sheet of the M52


and the kind of card I would buy


Thank you!
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  1. If by PCIE x1 you mean something like this :

    then it probably won't even work and if it does i doubt it'd be any improvement over the integrated graphics because of how severely limited it'll be.

    buying a pc with no pcie x16 was a BAD decition
  2. If my memory serves me right, I remember seeing a x16 slot when the demo was open.

    I guess I'll have to wait until it arrives and check in to make sure everything is fine...
  3. I just found this diagram


    I guess it would be fine then. Other models don't even have a PCI Express slot.
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