Custom Built Video & Photo Editing PC, advice needed 4 build options

Hi Guys,

A friend of mine has asked me to build a Desktop PC. The PC will mainly be used for editing video and Photos at a professional level.

The minimum requirements for this PC on my receommendation was, however im open to suggestions were an i7 possibly a 920, with atleast 2TB hard drive and approximately 8GB ram.

Im hoping I could get some advice on the rest as im not too clued up on what GPU would be better for video editing (ATi/nVidia)? and what size 512, 1GB, bigger? Does it actually make that much difference

Any suggestions welcome........

My friend say most of her Data will be provided SD cards and most of her video will be processed via firewire. Im not clued up here as to what is faster (firewire/usb). Shes is currently using firewire, but I though USB was the standards these days...

The budget is £600, which is roughly about $925. Thanks!
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