Any free software that will let me watch both channels at once?

I have an AverTV HD Duet White Box, which is not compatible with AverMedia Center. That means I can't do the PIP and watch 2 channels at once, since the card is a dual tuner card. I have been unable to find out of Windows Media Center on Windows 7 can do this as well. I would REALLY love to watch me some AFC Noon game on CBS and NFC Noon game on Fox at the same time. Anyone know of a program that can do this for me?
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  1. Start Windows Media Center. Select Live TV... If the TV tuner is recognize by Media Center it will bring you to setup-option of the TV tuner for Windows Media Center.

    Its interactive and easy to use.

    I use Windows Media Center on my dual tuner 2250. With dual tuner enabled on Windows Media Center i can record 2 HDTV shows at a time.
  2. I know how to use Windows Media doesn't let you watch 2 things at once though...
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