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Hi, my one day a friend of mines brought his computer for me to fix, so I had to remove my all my cord from my computer to use his, after unplugging the cord I mistakenly forgot to turn off the switch on the back of the power supply and unplugged the power cord. After finishing using my friends computer and plugged my cords back into my computer, I noticed my computer kept rebooting for half a second then turns off. Then it keeps looping. I thought it would be my power supply, so I bought a new one and replaced it. Happy to finally replace my power supply and turning it on, it does the same thing again. Now I'm confused on what could cause the problem or I did something wrong. My guess is leaning towards the motherboard. Any suggestions?
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  1. Reset the bios by removing the battery.
    Turn off psu switch
    unplug psu
    depress case power switch for a second or so
    place one hand on chassis(metal) or psu
    remove coin battery for 1-5min
    replace battery
    fire the pc up again and see what happens.
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