Having trouble with case decision and PSU

My budget is ~$1400 and is prefered and i might overclock the gpu, ram and cpu. This is for gaming
what i have decided on so far:
PNY gtx 570
4gb g.skill ddr3 1600 CL7
probably a $120-150 sandy bridge mobo (when released)
sandy bridge core i5 (when released)
creative x-fi titanium SC
asus 21.5 1080p monitor
samsung spinpoint F3 1tb
samsung spinpoint f4 320gb
lg sata dvd burner
hyper 212+ CPU cooler (assuming it fits on lga 1155)

I cannot decide on a good case to put all this stuff in and I'm not sure on a psu. I know i need ~650 watts
Also i would a like a case with good cable management or a modular psu
Any other suggestions would be great (such as gtx 570 vs HD6970 or a 6950 bios hacked to 6970 status)
Thanks for any help
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  1. any thoughts?
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    I really prefer the cooler master HAF series, specifically the 922. I hve never had a storm sniper but would like to try one out. The reason I like the 922 is because it is a large mid tower and has very good cooling options and decent cabke mgmt features. I also like the HDD mounts being turned 90 degrees and find the tool - less drive bays very handy. A case is a very personal choice and you may find the HAF or storm sniper to be big and gaudy cases. In that case I like the CM 690 II advance.
    In terms of a PSU I am patial to Antec. I know a lot of people prefer the corsairs or seasonics or silverstones. Below is a link to a 650 modular by antect
    Really any major brand PSU should do. Newegg is my favorite site and I do read the reviews and have found they can be trusted for the most part. Right here o this site you can find reviews, round ups etc to help you pick a good psu. Also
    is another place to get good info.
  3. Thanks. that PSU is right in my budget and it exactly what i need. Does it make a difference that it has 4 +12v rails instead of 1? You sure its of good quality?
    I was looking at the HAF 922 as it looks like it has great cable management and good looking cooling options.
    Thanks again
  4. I am sure the PSU is a solid 650 watt unit. The 4 rails are not an issue, many PSU's have multiple rails. Some say it adds stability, deviding up the amps but I think that it doesnt really matter. I have used 3 rail, 4 rail, 6 rail and 1 rail PSU's and never noticed any difference. All PSU's have just 1 source of power, how they devide that up doesnt seem to matter to the end user. T

    The HAF922 is a larger case, taller and wider than most other mid towers. You may want to order or go buy a CPU power (4/8 pin) extention cable. The reason I say that is because if the CPU power lead on the PSU is not quit long enough you maybe forced to run it across your motherboard rather than out through the cable mgmt hole on the MB tray, then back in through the top of the MB tray to the CPU power port on your MB. The extention is around 4 to 6$$ and would give you the peace of mind that you can get there without pulling and bending the cable tightly to get it plugged in. Newegg and most decent PC shops sell them. Just buy decent quality, not the least exspensive.
    Another case that may catch your eye is the NZXT Evo. I particularly like the camo version and am planning a build with that case for March/April. It is around 129$ for the camo, but 89$ I think for the black version. Maybe look at that one too before you buy anything.
  5. Thanks for your help. After extensive research, will go with the HAF 922 and buy a third 200mm fan to put on the side to cool my GPU/Mobo. As for PSU i think i will go with the corsair 650xt because its corsair and it cables are nice and long (so say the reviewers) it has a single +12v rail @53 amps but like you said doesnt make a difference. The only thing it does not do is modular design but the HAF 922 has some pretty nice cable routes so im not worried.
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  7. Mid Tower, I like the HAF 922 w/ any quality PSU (Antec EA or TP / Corsair TX)
    Full Tower, I like the Antec DF-85 w/ Antec CP-850
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